Thecus’ NAS drive is fully equipped with a built-in hot-swap redundant power supply and fans, ensuring the system will not be powered down during a failure.

Thecus’ NAS drive is also equipped with two Gigabit ports supporting load-balance, failover, and link aggregation. Stand-alone deployment or home lab configurations can utilize 4 drives plus 2 x NICs for high-performance expansion and RAID build-up on storage servers. Its single IP address, one-step installation process together with web browser setup. The Thecus IP storage allows data consolidation and sharing between Windows (SMB/CIFS), UNIX/Linux, and Apple OS X environments. 

We understand that sometimes data might be lost. When things happen, we are here to help. Melbourne Data Recovery provides a recovery solution to encounter any data loss issues. Our support center will investigate the issue and reply in a timely manner. With Thecus NAS Drive, you can rest assured that there is always something you can do in the unfortunate event of a data loss situation. Because storage servers are used to store critical information, users will not take any risks by selecting a less-reliable brand.

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Product Highlights

File Server

Using an Internet Protocol (IP) storage device, you can centralize and protect your digital files over time. That means when someone adds new photos or movies to your collection, everyone can access them online. And once you’ve backed up your photos, you can share them over the Internet with family and friends who might not even have a computer.

FTP Server

A built-in FTP Server makes it easy to access, organize and share files over the Internet. The built-in FTP Server allows you to share files and folders in your Thecus IP storage directly with friends, clients, and customers over the Internet. Each user can create a username and password to gain access. You can even assign permissions on a per-folder basis so that some users can only upload or download and others can do both.

Printer Server

The Thecus Printer Server (Printer Server) lets you share an IPP printer connected to the Thecus IP storage with other PCs connected to your network. Instead of the hassle of installing a local port printer using complicated settings on each PC, simply create a dedicated IPP printer share on your Thecus IP storage, and print from any computer as long as it is connected to the same LAN. This not only reduces the cost but also saves time and effort for your IT department.

Multiple RAID

The multiple RAID functionality provides an added level of protection against data loss to the Thecus NAS Series. Easily create RAID 0 volumes for large storage spaces in which speed trumps data security, or create RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, and others for stable pairs of mirrored disks that will continue operating even if one drive fails. The Thecus N2310 NAS Server is a fast and reliable NAS server that is built for business. With a hardware-accelerated encryption engine, it delivers superb performance even with encrypted data.

iSCSI Capability

The latest Thecus OS 6.0 provides a user-friendly environment for you to remotely use Thecus IP storage devices. You can efficiently manage your Thecus IP storage and file servers from one single console. Upgrading to iSCSI technology is perfect for users who want to centralize all their data in a safe and secure location. The iSCSI capability on the N2910 and N2910G allows you to store your file server storage in an IP storage unit and access it as direct-attached storage over the LAN or Internet.

Superior Power Management

In addition to Wake-On-LAN and Schedule Power On / Off, Thecus IP storage also offers Tool Free HDD Installation, GreenPower Technology and allows you to manage the capacity of your hard drives. Superior Power Management is a groundbreaking feature on the Thecus® N8850PRO storage solution. This feature allows administrators to schedule when the NAS will power on and off, saving valuable energy.

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547,068 Warning Sign Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStockSafety Warnings

For your safety, please read and follow the following safety warnings:

  • In the case of malfunction, turn off the power immediately and have it repaired at a qualified service center. Contact your vendor for details.
  • The Thecus N8020U-IN IP storage server is a dedicated network storage appliance built for reliability and performance.
  • The ambient temperature range for Thecus IP storage is between 5°C and 40°C, with a relative humidity of 20%–85%. Operating Thecus IP storage under extreme environmental conditions could result in hardware failure.
  • Do not let anything fall on the power cord, and do not place it in such a way that people can trip over it. Make sure that all connecting cables are properly arranged so that people do not trip over them.
  • The Thecus IP storage requires an AC power source with a voltage of 100 to 240 VAC, at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz, and a current of 3 A. An improper supply voltage could damage the Thecus IP storage.
  • If you put Thecus IP storage on an uneven surface, it will not perform as well.
  • Thecus IP storage devices are not water-resistant, and exposing them to dampness, dust, or corrosive liquids can be very dangerous.
  • Do not place Thecus IP storage in direct sunlight or expose it to other heat sources.
  • Please don’t use chemicals or aerosols to clean Thecus IP storage. Unplug the power cord and all connected cables before cleaning.
  • Avoid placing any objects on the Thecus IP storage or obstructing its ventilation slots to avoid overheating.
  • If you need to dispose of this device, please obey your local regulations for the safe disposal of electronic products to protect the environment.
  • It’s important to keep the packaging out of the reach of children.