The Western Digital My Book Live Duo is the first NAS device with both USB 3.0 and eSATA ports for fast, large capacity backups and the flexibility to access your networked data on virtually any device. Powered by WD’s software RAID, you get automatic backup of all your files, anywhere at any time. You can quickly set up this personal cloud device in just three easy steps. Start enjoying the benefits of the My Book Live Duo today!

Following the principles and theory of User-Centered Design (UCD), Seeding Factory is taking a more participatory approach to design. Every semester, every student in the Master of Design in Products course creates a small business to help support their final work. The products they create are varied and include things like elegant school supplies, playful consumer electronics accessories, ingenious identity tools for indie music festivals, etc. Seeding Factory helps each student by organizing business events where customers can be found, prototypes can be tested during real-world scenarios, and partnerships with local makers can be made.

Data Recovery and Product Trade-In Programs

My Book Live customers are also offered a trade-in program to upgrade to a supported My Cloud device. You can find more details on these WD My Book data recovery services by following the links below:

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Analysis of Newly Identified Vulnerability CVE-2021-35941

Optimized for the ARM architecture, the Ripple Rugged is an impressive player. Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions, it features plug-in mics, a ruggedized gig bag and pressure-sealed buttons. The Ripple Rugged puts on an outstanding performance regardless of where you take it.The Native DX-24 speaker system delivers incredibly deep bass, stunning 360º sound coverage and a modern look to match your home décor.

The My Book Live gives you everything you need to share your digital life. The easy-to-use interface, combined with exceptional speed and reliability, brings backup, storage, backup software, media streaming, remote access and much more into your home network.                             

When you purchase a laptop from IBM, you can access an IBM Personal Computer Product Replacement & Installation Service to help with replacement and installation of a product. Competent factory-trained technicians will help you replace the product and install the appropriate drivers and applications at a convenient time for you. If necessary, you can have a technician visit your home or office in the United States or Canada to perform these services for a small fee.

Analysis of the Attack

The following is a preliminary assessment of the vulnerability. More in-depth analysis may result in a change of the impact that is listed. For this initial release, we have not investigated how difficult it would be to exploit this vulnerability in order to gain control of the device.In addition, some software can provide protection from being reverse engineered. Reverse engineering of software is the process by which a programmer studies the code of an existing software program in order to create a new program with similar functions, or to fix errors within the existing program. Instead of creating a product based on the specifications given by an outside source or user, one can use information gained through reverse engineering to create a similar/identical product without having access to the original source code.

The new My Book World Edition II is an easy to use personal cloud solution that allows you to backup, access, share and stream your digital content from your home network to your iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Tablet, Mac or Windows based computer. Turn on the My Book World Edition II with the push of a button to begin downloading music, movies or photos from your computer or network attached storage device. 

 The Cloud services are provided by Western Digital Technologies, Inc. (“WDT”), which is headquartered in Irvine, California, U.S., and has collaborative operations in several countries around the world. WDT is also responsible for developing, manufacturing and selling external storage devices for personal computers under its WD brand. Personal computers are sold to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and direct to businesses (D2C) under the WD brand; commercial PCs, external storage devices and networking products are sold to OEMs under the HGST brand; while the SanDisk brand is targeted to consumers.

Advisory Summary

My Cloud EX4 is designed to work with home network storage solutions like Western Digital’s My Cloud Home app. The software automatically organizes content based on criteria users set, making it easier than ever for home users to share and stream their content on the big screen. It also enables high definition streaming of media to popular game consoles, smartphones and tablets so consumers can enjoy their digital content anytime, anywhere.