LaCie offers an extensive range of products, from normal use hard drives to RAID and NAS servers. Their NAS gadgets, specifically, have been very generally welcomed, and they’re reasonable choices for SMBs.

NAS and RAID gadgets from LaCie are truly reliable. However, numerous hard drives can fail, blunders during RAID setup and maintenance of it can bring LaCie 12big rack network failures. Let’s dive right in, and see what all can happen to your LaCie Server data recovery.

Reasons behind LaCie Server Data Loss

  • Unintentional Deletion/Formatting of files
  • Damages of media because of poor operating system
  • Controller Damage
  • Damaged due to smoke, fire, and water
  • Defaulted RAID Rebuild

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How can you recover LaCie server data?

Since it sounds like this data is important, you should also get in touch with their technical support. Data loss is not always the user’s fault, so they might have something that will help if there are corrupt files or some other software glitch. You can try removing the data from your hard disk and saving it to another location before the re-format procedure starts, but we are not certain how effective this will be. If there are more problems after doing this though, you will know that something else has gone wrong.

Why do you need help from a LaCie Data Recovery Company?

To recover your LaCie server data, you need some specialized tools and functions. LaCie information recuperation regularly requires particular apparatuses. For instance, numerous LaCie RAID gadgets use encryption algorithms such as AES to secure information, so designers need broad involvement in encrypted data. 

These recovery methods require a suitable Cleanroom, and on the grounds that LaCie servers store data in a moderately mind-boggling manner, data engineers most of the time need admittance to cutting-edge utilities to give results. 

These experts have practical experience in LaCie RAID files recovery. These people have worked with each LaCie storage framework including different rack and NAS machines. They offer the most trusted types of assistance accessible for the LaCie RAID server, and with various lab certificates, they likewise offer the best security and media safety practices.

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How to prevent yourself from future LaCie Server Data Loss?

Get a firewall and antivirus: Virus and malware are normal to come which is the reason you really want to secure both your servers and your hard drive. You should put up a firewall and keep a cutting-edge anti-virus to stay away from harm or loss of information. 

Make sure to save and back up your data consistently: You ought to back up the entirety of your data, however you ought to likewise test those backups to affirm that you can reestablish your files. 

Keep an offsite duplicate of your backup: PCs, similar to some other actual thing, can face catastrophes like fire or floods or even robbery. On the off chance that this ought to occur, an offsite copy of your files will save you from any disturbance. 

Continuously update your security patches: Be certain consistently to carry out the updates that surface in the software of your PC. Producers are continually refreshing their systems to guarantee security and forestall the weakness of their clients being exploited. 

Try not to over-burden your servers: Continuously delete pointless records from your server. It helps in easy data recovery procedures also.

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How Melbourne Data Recovery can help you?

We’ll be happy to put in our 10+ years of experience and help you with the best-of-the-best data recovery tools to get your files back. Your most critical files can also be recovered using the Powerful Windows Based Professional Technique. 

This is why we recommend you stop all operations on the test servers such as email, FTP, coding, etc so that we can do a safe overwrite read of all the hard disks. Alternatively, if your only concern is restoring user folders from backup images or virtual disk images then please let us know and we will be happy to move forward with the procedures needed. Some of the other benefits of hiring our LaCie data recovery company

  • Safe Treatment in a Certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom 
  • Trustworthy Data Security with SSAE 18 Type II Certification 
  • A 99% Percent Success Rate for LaCie RAID Data Recovery
  • Quick Access Through a Vast Network of Offices